February 23, 2010

FAIL… White House Can’t Find GOP Health Care Bill That’s On Their Website

From ABC today: “The White House challenged the GOP this morning to offer a single health care proposal and post its legislation.”
From The Hill: “White House offers to post GOP health plan”
From the White House: “Will the Republicans Post Their Health Care Plan… And When”

Umm… Look on your website. It’s linked on WhiteHouse.gov.

But don’t expect the state-run media to find it.
Michelle Malkin posted this graphic from Save Jersey blog:

It’s linked right on their website.

And think how well our health care will be run if these yahoo's continue.


TCH said...

I just want to say to Mrs. Lee,
Very good luck on your upcoming operation and if there's anything I can do to help, make sure you call me. I'm right around the corner. Tom Harvey

Anonymous said...

Guess they don't need help. But a Thank-you would have been nice

Joey said...

Tom, thank you. We all appreciate your offer and will call on you! Mom has a date for surgery now. March 17th. She would thank you herself but doesn't know how to post! LOL...

TCH said...

Hey your welcome. I'm just around the corner. I'd be glad to help. Except for cooking. LOL