February 22, 2010

Comedy Gold! Jobs speech in Washington DC was given by... GRANHOLM, who is on pace to lose more than 1,000,000 jobs

Can't make this stuff up folks....


Anonymous said...

Umm, and what have you ever done to serve your country, state or town?

You're always whining and complaining about politicians. Granholm is doing the best she can under the worst of circumstances.

Why don't you try positivity instead of negativity for a change?

Anonymous said...

Good thing your not in politics, dear blogmaster. You would be the most partisan snipe ever to hit the beltway.

Did you notice Glen Beck at the recent right wing confab in DC? He basically said how f'd up the party is and how they need to first admit there's a problem.That actually took a lot of guts, and I commend Mr. Beck for his candor.

Was certainly something we'd never hear from the likes of you (or your guru, Ann Coulter)

Anonymous said...

Question: Who do you think the average, red- blooded American male, would choose to have sex with--- if the choices were Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin?

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah Palin, for sure. Coulter is a C$nt.

Just your under average blogger said...

For a state that's lost 10% of its population why would the budget increase every year?

2003-2004 Total Budget: $38,546,223,200
2004-2005 Total Budget: $39,236,530,900
2005-2006 Total Budget: $40,224,217,400
2006-2007 Total Budget: $41,672,547,100
2007-2008 Total Budget: $42,791,804,000
2008-2009 Total Budget: $43,827,383,200
2009-2010 Total Budget: $44,500,000,000
2010-2011 Total Budget: $47,100,000,000 (proposed)

Yea, she's doing the best can, and there lies the problem.

How can anyone be positive when you see what has happened to my state? She and her liberal socialist need to go, and go now if there is to be any hope for a recovery in our life time.

Anonymous said...

I would do Pelosi. She is one fine woman.