February 16, 2010

Democrat Congressman Steers Taxpayer Money to Convicted Drug Dealers

You can't make this stuff up folks

There's still time to put a stop to this madness, but with Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of spenders still in charge of Congress, they'll probably increase the funding for these drug delears. With that clown Eric Holder at the head of Justice, expect him to give the green light.
A controversial Queens congressman has steered $290,000 in taxpayer money to two convicted drug dealers for their nonprofit group - which has virtually no assets.

Rep. Gregory Meeks has sponsored - and Congress has appropriated - the money to brothers Lance and Todd Feurtado for their King of Kings Foundation to warn kids of the dangers of drugs.

The brothers also have the support of Meeks' mentor, the Rev. Floyd Flake, and another Flake protege, state Senate President Malcolm Smith (D-Queens), who steered them an additional $25,000.

Lance Feurtado says the money would pay for 150, 45-minute anti-drug, anti-gang presentations the brothers give at libraries and community centers. That's about $2,000 a talk.

The brothers have not gotten the congressional money yet because the Justice Department would have to approve it as part of an anti-gang initiative. Ironically, the brothers made a video that criticizes the department, claiming the feds used illegal tactics to bring them down.
So they get to bash The Man while being supported by him. Wonderful

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