July 23, 2007

Will there be an end of the month surpirse?

I guess we will know in due time what is in store. We have been told that a report will be provided and what it says will dictate our next move. I still can't help feel that so much confusion has been created over this and how it has been handled that your guess is as good as mine.

We have our game plan drawn up and ready to go, yet we sit, waiting to see what the report says.

Stay tuned.......
ps Sue M. your books are in.

July 19, 2007

July 8, 2007

Too little, too late?

I wonder if the issue of a central bank account is addressed in this new book? You know like the one where all owners contribute their respective share of the cottage expenses and then usually one owner or another will be responsible for the distribution of the funds for the various bills that occur. Kind of like our arraignment. For over 10 years now, Stu, Katy, David and mother all contribute their respective share of the expenses , and one check is written from a JOINT account. I would have to think this topic is covered, because it can and has become an issue. Especially when one lets others think they are paying all the bills. A side benefit is everyone has a record of their financial activity, everyone!