October 31, 2007

More News....

In addition to the plaintiffs attorney's fee's having being determined excessive, the judge also granted our stay motion, thus putting on hold the sale of the cottage, pending appeal. Our appeal will be forth coming.
A small victory for us!
In a seperate issue, it appears that the J.W. Symons sign that hung from the pine tree behind the back cottage for many years has been removed. Perhaps the cleaning lady will find this too!


"Missing children in Chappaqua? Don't know a thing about it. DING! Oops, there goes that oven timer."

October 23, 2007

Good news!

The cookbook is almost done, a few minor adjustments, some final editing and then off to the publisher.
And the question that seems to be asked the most is what about the Parsley Sandwich recipe, is that included?
Well of course it..........
Guess we will find out in a month of so. stay tuned.

October 16, 2007

Yup it's true he was there.....

Don't ask me why, he didn't say, however if one is judged by the company he keeps, I think we know who invited him.

Stu, if you are a regular reader or just visiting for the first time, you might want to stay tuned, you just might learn something. Not tonight, gosh that would be too simple, but hey, give me a few days, keep checking back, the facts will surprise you.

October 15, 2007

October 7, 2007

Happy Columbus Day!

On the bright side, the courts are closed, on the not so bright side, someone out there has to wait just a little bit longer to "DISCOVER" that things don't quite seem to be as he would hope they are! Funny how things work out like that!

More to follow...