December 26, 2010

Health Care Death Panels Resurrected by Team Obama… Hey, Liberals, Sarah Palin Was Right

Despite many Democrat leftists, and a goodly number of Republicans, mocking or criticizing Sarah Palin for months now (even last week) for proclaiming last year that there were “death panels” included in the unpopular ObamaCare plan (Democrat Congress critters hastily removed the “death panels” text from the humongous trillion-dollar, government-mandated health bill), and left-wing Obama-adoring Los Angeles Times stupidly publishing that Sarah Palin’s ‘death panel’ charge voted biggest lie of 2009, guess what?


Memo to Democrats: Your days of running our lives through secret meetings are over. If people like Palin and the blogging “Army of Davids” don’t expose you, the new Republican House majority will do it with subpoenas. We’ve had our fill of wonderful plans that require unquestioning obedience from citizens who aren’t smart enough to understand their true magnificence. I wonder how many more little surprises oversight committees will find crawling quietly around in the dark underbelly of ObamaCare, once they turn their flashlights on the aura of secrecy and deception surrounding this misbegotten bill. Let us kill it quickly through defunding, and put people like Earl Blumenauer under oath to learn what else they’ve been doing behind our backs, while we wait for someone to take the veto pen away from Obama in 2012.