May 6, 2009

Where to begin

It would become clear soon enough that David's plan was to make it seem like the old cottage was one gust of wind shy of a pile of old lumber. A place so riddled with defects that no one would want it and he was doing us all a favor by taking it off our hands.

So lets look at some of these fallacies shall we..

1. The portion of the cottage that is on Morley's lot was resolved many years ago, and presents no degradation in value. A copy of that agreement will be provided in a later posting. He would like you to believe that if something as simple as a bathroom renovation were to take place then the cottage needs to be torn down and moved. Simply not true. I believe the wording was " should the Symons cottage be destroyed, removed or any part that encroaches on lot 19 be substantially rebuilt, then any encroachment shall be moved to lot 20.

2. There is nothing that prevents the cottage from being sold, again the only trigger for moving it is any of the above should happen.

3. The cottage is "essentially unusable in the winter" I think we all remember the events of this past Christmas holiday with David hiring a Sheriffs deputy to serve papers on mother.

4. So I guess we know that it does not need to be winterized, it has been used in the winter for better than 50 years.

5. And then there is this gem... "I am not interested in this cottage being a source of conflict within our family".

6. And then, he wants an answer in 8 days.

Now I won't speak for anyone else, but if I were inclined to make a decision regarding purchasing a cottage, I might need more than 8 days. He clearly had been working on this for some time, evidenced by the fact he already had an appraisal done. So he had plenty of time to gather the other owners to sit down and discuss his intentions. But David does not work that way and this will play out again and again as we go forward.

So that was the start of almost three years of court hearings, meetings, attorneys, more attorneys, more meetings, the sheriff from Roscommon, and a myriad of other players. I like to think we held our heads high in spite of being called everything in the book including vandals and thieves.


Anonymous said...

we know who the REAL vandals and thieves are. And your not them

Anonymous said...

Yes, no doubt David was reaching and trying everything possible to whore down the price. Very calculated and pre-meditated. Have any other cottages sold in Lakeside in the last few years? If so, what did they sell for? Any listed now with brokers? This would provide more relevant data on comps.

Joey said...

There is currently a cottage in CG up for sale. It has 3 bedrooms/1bath and a newer garage. It needs major reno work but has a bit larger lot. It's small and old. They are asking 549k for it. There was one listed for sale while our mess was going on in PW, 800 sq.ft "tear down" for 800k. You do the math....

Anonymous said...

Wow- 800k for a teardown in Pinewoods! The lots are small over there, cottages are right on top of eachother.

Joey said...

Ok.. let's get on to more good stuff. Why don't you share the first "production" of how bad the cottage is with our readers??