May 1, 2009

Hello Readers!

I have now reached "guest contributor" status on The Red Door Journal and I love red but when I see red, beware!! I have a gun and I'm out of estrogen!! (I have that engraved on a pill box). I also have plenty to say and offered to help with the upcoming installments of what really happened "behind the red door". I look forward to sharing and can't wait to get started!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Joey!!

Can't wait to read the installments of "What Really Happened" behind the red door.

Also, delighted that the family will still be coming up to Lakeside!

katy elizabeth said...

I thought that was you after I read the part about having a gun and being out of estrogen... didn't think that sounded too much like uncle charlie..

Johnny Lee said...

I can assure anyone who reads this that there will be some remarkable revelations in the coming months. I can think of no one better than my sister to put it all in perspective and in a manner that escapes those who I refer to as former relatives.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Boy,

Why do we have to wait months!!

Tell us now.

Anonymous said...

Come on then Vanna... What's behind the Red Door???

Anonymous said...

Or... I guess that was Carol Merrill, wasn't it?