January 5, 2009

In response......

Today in court it was mentioned again about our attempts to delay the sale of the cottage. I am guessing because we must be mean spirited or something like that.

Allow me to respond.

From day 1 our efforts have been directed towards one goal and one goal only. To insure that whom ever purchased the cottage paid a fair value for it. Never did we try to prevent one party or another from purchasing it. However at ever turn we have been thwarted by the judge, the facilitator, and the plaintiff's attorney. We can't even buy a break. Once all the facts are published and they will in due time, (waiting for the contracts for movie of the week and a book deal from Oprah!)

Today we took the gloves off, and no, this was not another attempt to delay. The recent actions of the plaintiff had given us no other choice. And with rumors of additional motions and pending legal action being filed it was important to send a signal that we won't go silently into the night, not with out a fight. So to the other side we say this, Bring it on. I know, strong words but once you know the facts you will agree, we had no other choice.


Joey said...

I'm starting the book.

Anonymous said...

sitting back listening and reading all of this it would have been wise to hire that attorney in the first place. Things would have been different from the get-go. . What David is doing is by far one of the worst things ever. He needs to be removed from office. Lakeside was always a history filled magical place that our families have enjoyed for many years. David does not understand the word family, history or magical. he only knows enemies and he has alot of them now. Lakeside will never be the same again. Even if he takes away what he has done. The damage is still there. I am tired of all this. What ever happened to loyalty, trust all those words have no meaning.