January 29, 2009

David Symons' attorney plead's with the judge to jail mother...

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. I can't make this stuff up folks, and yes I have used that line before.

I really thought this morning we would finally be done. Preliminary discussions earlier in the week led us to believe it would be wrapped up this morning. We had agreed to a number of issues, including a confidentiality agreement that would have prevented me from have this conversation with you all. He had agreed to pay mother $7,000.00 to cover her legal expenses pertaining to this show cause motion, it was to"go away", and nary a word would be said ever again. We had agreed to drop any further attempts for an appeal, Done, finished, all that was left was some accounting house cleaning and the bye bye's. Yea....Right

We should have known better, this behavior has been a benchmark of his. Un- trustworthy to say the least.

Nope, he pulled the same Houdini stunt today that he pulled after the first facilitation meeting and then the second meeting. The entire morning spent sitting and waiting while the attorny fee's keep piling up. We made one final attempt to settle this to no avail. Suddenly the man who said this was taking so long decided to make it last a whole lot longer. Honestly, we were 5 minutes away from having this all wraped up and done with.

So on with the show cause hearing. You know the one where he trys to have his sister thrown in jail, yea, that one.

When cross examined he admitted that he wasn't doing this for the money, or because he thought she would destroy the place if she went one last time to her cottage for the Christmas holidays. His reason was because things were taking too long. TAKING TOO LONG So adding additional time and costs is the solution, I am not buying it. He is a mean and nasty person and not one member of his family could or would, stand up and say you're doing the wrong thing. Not one! They are as spineless as he is.

His motion sought $3,500.00 in damages, plus costs, yet did not ask for jail time.

That was until 4:58PM today. He had his attorney stand before the judge and plead for him to sentence mother to jail. I am not kidding.

To date his lowest hour yet.


John said...
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Sara Almirall said...

Geeze and how many puppies did he kick on the way out of the Court House?

Joey said...

I wonder why he just doesn't write the damn check and be done with it. He could have ended this months and months ago. But no..another delay. What is really going on?????

Anonymous said...

He's probably saying it's too easy to get rid of the cottage. He wanted a real fight and didn't get that. now he's wondering why it's going so fast and all you guy's want are some things out of the cottage and a fair market payout. I also think by now his kids and grandkids don't want to clean up after their grandafather made a mess of all this. I wouldn't be surprised if they turn around and sell it

Anonymous said...

Stalling? Either he doesn't have the money because of the stock market, or he doesnt' want to sell stock because of the stock market. If he was an honorable man, he'd back out of this whole thing.

Katy Elizabeth said...

::mouth hangs open in disgust::

I just have a few questions.
1.) Why is he so pissed off at Nanny? I have been asking this since the beginning. I don't get it.
2.) What is putting her in jail going to accomplish? I thought this was over wanting the cottage...?
3.) And why is he complaining about it taking too long when he was not only the person who started it, but is the person who keeps delaying the end?

It's hard to believe that we are related to someone like that. Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

Patrick said...

This is the oddest thing that I have ever heard. I know that you are all from Michigan but even that dosen't excuse David's piss poor behavior and lack of respect for his sister. I can't believe why his family doesn't step in and council him on his poor decisions and lack of judgement. Obviously, he has some major money issues otherwise he could have ended this a long time ago. Maybe Betsy can help him out with his financial troubles and give him a loan or a line of credit!

Anonymous said...

Hard to gauge motives here. What is DAvid's ultimate goal? Does he want to buy out the other shareholders of the cottage so he can have it to himself?

Does he want to sell his share to the other shareholders and cash out?

Or does he just want it sold to an outsider so no one can have it?

What are Lakeside's rules about outsiders buying into camp?