December 14, 2009

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

A week ago my wife and I had an interesting conversation regarding the art of making a grilled cheese sandwich. Now she knows I love em with cream of tomato soup, and generally makes fun of me whenever I order that combo at any number of watering holes we frequent. So I felt it was time to turn the tables, since she has an entirely different approach to this tasty sandwich. We will agree to disagree on what goes in one, since she prefers adding ketchup and oregano to hers along with processed American cheese. I on the other hand prefer to lather one slice of bread with Hellman's, then a layer of sharp cheddar cheese. She prefers to butter her bread first and grill accordingly. I have always preferred to add butter to the frying pan prior to cooking. I use the term butter but we all know it's margarine.

That changed with the discovery of the following recipe. I shall never again use margarine with my grilled cheese again. So for the grilled cheese aficionados enjoy the following recipe I discovered. I did.

Borrowed from "Big Girls, Small Kitchen Blog" The Quarter-Life Cooks.
Serves 1 (easily doubled)

I like to use a mixture of cheeses, but of course you can stick with whatever your favorite happens to be.

2 slices whole wheat bread
2 teaspoons butter
1 oz Jarlsberg, thinly sliced
1/2 oz sharp cheddar cheese, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan
Freshly ground pepper
pinch of sea salt

Lightly toast your bread. Butter each slice with 1 teaspoon butter. Layer the slices of cheese in the middle, then sprinkle the Parmesan, pepper, and salt, and cover with the second slice of bread.

Cook in a frying pan over medium-low heat, flipping once, until the bread is golden and the cheese is melted. Serve immediately—and fill out your plate with veggies to even out the cholesterol intake.


Anonymous said...

grilled cheese ball(David Slymons and family) now I'd like to see that

Anonymous said...

Does limberger make a cheese ball? Just asking...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are the slymons going to Lakeside for Christmas? Oh wait sorry the cottage isn't winterized. Glad Mrs. Lee was there lastyear. Slymie took the Christmas spirit out of the cottage FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

I made your sandwich today and you're right, it's really good.