December 4, 2009

Parsley Sandwiches

These could become extinct, and I'm not kidding. This is serious. The reason being the bread that we have been forced to use is no longer being made. The original bread, was discontinued several years ago, now the same company has ceased production of what we had been using. Now what?

The original recipe called for homemade bread, like I got time for that. Plus I think my grandfather insisted on that as a way to keep others from making them. And he had plenty of time to make bread. Guess I will be dusting off that bread maker I felt I couldn't live without several years ago and see what happens. Damn that Koepplinger's bread company.

And on top of that what is with all the clumps of mud secretly hidden in the center of these bunches of parsley?. I didn't think they were being sold by the pound. Oh well, off to seek a better bread, and find my slice a slice.

Is the parsley sandwich soon to become extinct?

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