June 22, 2009

Rules of the Blog...

We have worked hard to share our story with the hopes that someone out there will learn "how not to do this". I would like to talk for a minute about comments. My brother has, after careful consideration deleted comments that were "off track" or edging on the verge of distasteful. I prefer to think that our readers understand the message here and will honor this effort by not going into the dark belly of the "other sides" methods. I like to think we are all better than that.

I read a post last night that just p*ssed me off. It has no place here, it looks and sounds like something someone else would do and it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. We have lived the reality of a litigious relative. It's VERY expensive. If someone out there puts this blog into the realm of a lawsuit..thanks very much!! We will shut this down in a heartbeat. Please, sharing some emotion is fine. There have been some very good questions raised and I truly think we've enlightened some folks as to what needs to be done to protect what they love most. This is not just some big slamfest. We've worked too hard to let it be ruined. If someone has a personal issue with someone else..go work it out somewhere else. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


We have a little thing in this country called the First Amendment- which grants freedom of speech.

Understand your fears about lititgation, but you have nothing to worry about. Slymons cannot afford to sue you (especially if he has to defend your appeal) but beyond that-- there is nothing to sue for. Many of the comments are satirical, and employ irony and lampoon to make points and highlight injustices. Yes, politically incorrect and irreverant at times, but hey- it is a LOT of fun in here, you gotta admit.

The commentors are what make this blog so interesting. Many, many good points have been raised in the comments.

Of course, it is totally your right to remove stuff that is off topic, or just plain vulgar.

I urge you to use restraint on deleting comments, remember, the comments are adding a lot of color and fun to the story!

Joey said...

I agree that irony and satire make this more fun. We have no problem with that type of comment. The comment I deleted was slander pure and through. The comment had nothing to do with the symons or the cottage for that matter. Defending unfounded lawsuits gets expensive. Let's keep on having fun and keep the comments from going over that line.

Anonymous said...

We feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing now! Can you at least give us the gist of the offending comment so we don't feel deprived?

Anonymous said...

posts have been deleted throughout this blog. So lets get on with the story and forget what people write.
There are people that say things that have no meaning to this blog.
Please continue with this amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

It probably had something to do with Stu DeGeus's wife.

Anonymous said...

You know this whole ordeal has been very traumatic. I said something I shouldn't have said and I'm very sorry to all those involved. Thank-you blogmaster for deleting my post. I'm sorry. I just can't see these people that I have known and grown up with treat Mrs. Lee in the way they have done. Mrs lee is one of the best people that we all know and she never never deserved this. I'm pissed and I'm sorry for getting off track. David slymons is one big asshole and I really hope he gets what he deserves while he is living. He done fucked up. Literally

Anonymous said...

"Stu defaulted... All he wanted was to keep everything private. I think he was embarrassed and stated he would never go back."

To keep matters private, Uncle Slymey and his sympathizers "Stu", would have needed to agree to sit down as a family, and amicably work things out. (As Josephine suggested) Slymons was incapable of such reason and logic.

If Stu wanted privacy- maybe he should have tried to talk some sense into Uncle Slymey.

How come Katy was denied use of Stu's time, but it was OK with the Court for Uncle Slymey to use it? I mean, wouldn't you think it would be a more natural hand-off to grant unused time to ones own sister, versus a known trouble maker Uncle?

Also, given his Jackio O penchant for privacy- what does Stu think of the now infamous Red Door Journal?