June 28, 2009

Enter Stu....

From a letter dated October 22, 2007, the court responded to a letter that Stu deGues sent to the judge. "Please be advised that it is inappropriate for a party to contact the Court directly. All further contact with the Court should be handled through the parties' legal counsel. Thank you, Fred L. Borchard." No kidding!

So, Stu defaulted. He was getting a bit antsy about his money. I'm sure there may have been some prompting for this letter from the plaintiff.. the letter?

To: The Honorable Judge Fred Borchard:

I am here today to present my views on, and opposition to, the latest motion to stay the sale of the family cottage.

My family and I are exasperated by the continuation of frivolous motions, intentional delays, and mounting legal and property tax costs.

We are asking that the property be sold immediately and proceeds be distributed immediately".

Stu goes on to list all the reasons why everything should be wrapped up, ending with, "IT IS TIME TO SETTLE THIS MATTER, AND MOVE ON."

"Finally, I would be remiss on behalf of my family if I did not personally comment on reason number four of the opposition's most recent motion to stay proceedings: "The defendants will suffer irreparable harm if the subject property is conveyed to plaintiff pending appeal."

"My family will never again visit Lakeside Camp. The actions, comments and innuendo made by the opposition have embarrased my family, and they can no longer face years' old friends. Please bring this matter to a close." signed, Stuart deGeus. No shit.

So, he defaults but somehow thinks he can just write a letter to the judge and tell him to move this forward. Duh. What a chump.

Meanwhile, the plaintiff is requesting that mother post a $75,000 bond. What??? Their arguement, if this goes to appeal, harm could come to the cottage. Really??? What else is up their sleeve??? What a mess.


Anonymous said...

Poor, misguided Stu.

Uncle Slymey really did a number on him.

Has the boy finally received his long awaited cash?

Not I ain't sayin's she's a gold digger...

Anonymous said...

The 75K bond is just ridiculous--- it assumes their eventual take over of the cottage is a fait accompli.

Why didn't Uncle Slymey put up a bond as well, in case the appeal favored the "opposition" in the end?

"Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke broke."

Anonymous said...

She probably said don't come home if you don't have my money

Anonymous said...

""My family will never again visit Lakeside Camp."

Who knew Stu was such a drama Queen?

He and his wife would had probably of ended up with much more money if they stood in solidarity with the "opposition" and pushed for a fair price for the cottage.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing reads like a bad version of "Nightmare on Elm Street". I have a new benchmark for "scum of the earth" based on the characters depicted in this blog. How can anyone do this to an 80+ year old woman????

Anonymous said...

$tu didn't give 2 craps about the cottage. He and the little lady just wanted outta there.


Anonymous said...

Putting $tu up to writing that nonsense letter to the court was a real smarmy move on behalf of Uncle Slymey.

It did their case no good, and publicly embarrassed for $tu.

Anonymous said...

With all the drama an appeal should be in order.....by now Stu has cashed all of his checks and ole unlce Slymey has made a huge investment in new furniture....and now has to maitain the cottage he ripped from his sister, his condo on the other side of the lake, the association fee and of course his ugly boat.....he could be cash strapped.

Both Slymey and Stu would shake in their boots if they were served papers for an appeal.....I think turnabout is fair play......hmm I think Slymey should be served at the annual meeting.

Anonymous said...

He knew exactly what he was doing as he had slymons in his corner. He wanted the money and according to slymons he could get it fast before the defendants knew what hit them. Too bad for STu-pid, it took years not months. He was getting antsy or should I say Kathy was. She had probably put a down payment on something she couldn't get until the money started rolling in. Now I hope they have some money left over for the appeals process. Never thought of that did you stu-pid. Never should have messed with your sister. She did nothing to you.