December 15, 2008

Back to business.......

Yesterday I reflected on that interesting situation in Baghdad where a journalist threw his shoes at President Bush, knowing that had that occurred just a few years ago, he would have undoubtedly met with an not so pleasant ending. As it were, the freedom that our President and our incredible troops brought to that country, gave that journalist an opportunity to express his views without fear. Freedom of speech is so important, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with the messenger; it’s his right to say what he will. With that in mind, allow me to get back to the intended purpose of “The Red Door Journal.”

It seems some feel that stifling my voice was critical to their cause. So I asked myself WTF are they afraid of? The truth perhaps? And for a while I refrained. Not any longer. If that journalist in Baghdad can hurl a size 10 hushpuppy at the president, I too should say what the facts are without fear of intimidation.
So, again here I sat in court for the umpteenth time listening to the same dribble and diatribe, a silly, frivolous and totally without merit motion. Has that man nothing better to do? For reasons only known to him, he believes since an offer to purchase was made, and a deposit given, this entitles him to full control and possession of the cottage, and none of the other owners have the ability to use it, or so it would seem.

Now color me stupid, but as my posting of December 8th, alluded to, it isn’t yours till you pay for it, unlike Wimpy of the Popeye cartoon fame who so eloquently stated, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” That might work on television, but not in the real world. Is it fear and intimidation that drives the plaintiff to force my mother from using what is still hers? Or is it a fear of interacting and communicating with a sibling? I’m leaning towards the latter.

This cottage has been used at Christmas and over the holidays many times over the years. As kids growing up we always spent the Christmas holidays at the cottage skiing. As did many other cottage owners. We all have been blessed to have a caretaker who will go in and turn on the heat, let the old girl warm up for a few days, before turning on the water. Then when we're done, he goes in and turns off the water; drain’s the lines and turns off the furnace. How great is that? Some view that as cruel and unusual punishment, bordering on torture. I am trying to figure out how running water through warm lines is painful and torturous.

"The Red Door Journal" it seems has been getting more ink of late, along with a large increase in visits and page views, I can only assume from where it comes. If I’m correct, welcome aboard. Feel free to leave comments, you can do so now anonymously without fear of identification or reprisal. All comments are welcome. The president did a good job of ducking, so can I.

For those of you who are going north to Lakeside, Cottage Grove or Pinewoods for this holiday season, be sure to stop in and wish my mother and sister a merry Christmas and happy new year, they’ll be there with bells on and a freshly decorated tree in the living room! Not sure what Lucy will be wearing but it’s sure to be appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I remember the days when we packed up all our ski stuff for a day at skyline. I can still smell the smoke and those hamburgers. Nothing will take away that smell.Nor will a scrooge take away your days at the cottage. Yes scrooge. Good-luck and have the time of your life. I'd much rather see you guys up there and see that cottage with you in it. Than the next family that's going to occupy it. Sickening I say,just sickening

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!! If anyone wants to know "why" this is "bully behavior". It explains everything.

Sara Randall said...

The parallel between the Gremlin & Whimpy was brilliant. Kudos to you, says your Tri-Camp Princess (who's also got yo back).

Carlie said...

Good. Let the truth out. Who's cause does it really serve to hold back anything true?

Bully behavior... Yes, that is exactly what that is. And we all know what it takes to put a stop to bullying.
It certainly doesn't involve giving in to any intimidation...

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

...I agree with the other "anonymous." I'd rather see us in there than the next family, too.

I think he needs a hobby... one OTHER than picking fights with people who are supposed to be family. Maybe I'll send him a kit to start a stamp collection for Christmas. I think that sounds like a great hobby for an old man. Or maybe model airplanes. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a hobby. How about C-4?
That would be a great christmas present and he would only have to complete one kit.Now That's beautiful