January 2, 2011

His work done, Barry Poppins opens his magical umbrella to fly to another country in need of economic disaster.


Prince Sonoda said...

Hello Red Door:
This is just a reminder to stop by and pick up your KKK outfit at the cleaners. It is ready, dunce cap included.

Anonymous said...

Wow- the anti- Barry venom on this blog is truly amazing.

Understandable, considering the racist origins of Lakeside.

It is true that Barry is just the latest illuminati stooge/ string puppet doing exactly as his Rothchild/Zionist masters tell him to do. But so was that little Bush turd, who you love so much.

Get a clue=== same douchebags control both parties.

Just your under average blogger said...

Wow- big words for an anonymous post, illuminati-Rothchild-Zionist, well at least you can pick a good wine.

As for your tasteless comments about Lakeside, leave that somewhere else or I will delete your comments.

But....tell me whats not correct with regards to how I've portrayed your president.