January 26, 2010

Obama Refers to Himself 132 Times In One Speech (Video)

Arrogance personified


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Just your under average blogger said...

When the president of the United States is trying very hard to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist nation would you expect me to join in lock step?

I am a conservative who strongly disapproves of the methods and manner’s this president is using. You too should be concerned, unless you are of the same mind set as he. If so, God help us.

That said, thank you for reading.

Joey said...

I keep wondering at the arrogance of this guy. He has to know it doesn't fly well and certainly his advisors must be trying to clue him in...I wonder if the DNC has made that part of the "package"..you can be pres. but..you have to take ALL the credit, hrr...blame. When all is said and done.. "it's your ass on the block"..?????