February 17, 2009

Red Door Journal to go public,..... soon.....!

Sometime next month we go public again. The purpose for taking it private did not achive the desired results. That said, it will revert to a public blog, feel free to tell your friends and family when the big event occurs. It will be sometime right after the 10Th of March, plans dictate this date.

Beginning in late April or early May I will begin to post a three (3) part series on this debacle and let everyone know just what went on behind closed doors. So stay tuned, names will not be changed to protect the guilty, or hero's who were of such great inspiration and assistance.

Comments will be allowed, however please keep on message, be polite, and understand, we never speak ill towards Lakeside, this place is hallowed ground and should be kept that way.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very sorry if you lost your cottage!

Have been following this blog, just because I visited Lakeside over 20 years ago and know how special it is.

Look forward to hearing your story, even if it is a sad one.