September 4, 2008


Sources close to the Obama campaign are revealing that the Democratic nominee is furious over being upstaged by Sarah Palin’s performance during her speech tonight in Minneapolis. The source of Obama’s ire is not Gov. Palin, however. He is incensed with his own campaign advisors. Palin’s performance tonight was exactly what Obama wanted for his campaign. An experienced running mate with strong feminine traits; who has the ability to be tough, without sounding catty; one who would be able to stand and deliver the tough message, while wearing heels. After his first choice refused the offer to join the ticket, the Obama camaign convinced the Democratic nominee to choose Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. Attempts to reach Rep. Barney Frank on his rejection of Sen. Obama’s initial VP nod have not been successful to date. We will keep trying to reach Rep. Frank in order to give you the complete story as it becomes available.

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