August 8, 2008

Watch out I-Phone, There is Thunder on the horizon........

Blackberry Thunder
The time has come… The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived… Do you hear the drum roll?

It’s not a drum roll… it’s… Thunder…

The BlackBerry Thunder.

The Thunder is BlackBerry’s first ever Touch Screen Device and it will be a piece of mobile perfection for which your precious fingers will be happy they waited. Matching the quality of the robust, yet refined handset will be the power of the leading wireless carriers in America and Europe. The BlackBerry Thunder will be available exclusively on Verizon Wireless in the United States and Vodafone in Europe, providing the perfect storm of Mobile offerings.

They say when you hear Thunder… Lightning isn’t far behind. The rumors are true… and it isn’t long before you’ll be SHOCKED by the power and excitement of the BlackBerry Thunder for Verizon Wireless and Vodafone.

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